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List of English Words of Spanish Origin

One reason that learning the Spanish language is so simple is that it is so similar to the English language.  You can see this in cognate words, or words that have the same meaning in both languages and that both look similar in written form and sound similar in spoken form.  Another reason that the English and Spanish language are so similar is that many of the words, especially cognates, are derived from the same origin.  Likewise, many English words are from Spanish origin.  To prove just how easy it is to find English words of Spanish origin or to find words in both Spanish and English that have the same roots, here is a list of English words of Spanish origin.

Adobe:  Meaning "the brick" in Spanish, this word refers to a particular type of building material that is used mostly in the Southwestern United States

Alligator: From the Spanish word el lagarto, meaning "the lizard."

Armadillo: This southwestern animal is named after the Spanish word armadillo, which means "little man with armor."

Banana: From the Spanish word that may have come from the Arabic word ba' nana, meaning "fingers."

Bonanza: This word probably comes from the Spanish word bonanza, meaning "prosperity."

Burrito: The Spanish version of burrito means little donkey.

Cabana: From the Spanish word meaning "cabin."

Canoe: Comes from the Spanish word "canoa."

Canyon: From the Spanish word canon (peip, tube, gorge), which comes from cano (tube), that comes from the Latin word canna (reed).

Cigarette: From the French word cigarette, that comes from the Spanish word cigarro that means "stogie."

Cockroach: From the Spanish word for cockroach, cucaracha.

Desperado: From the Spaish word desesperado, meaning "desperate."

Embargo: Comes from the Spanish word ebargar, "to bar."

Jade: From the Spanish phrase piedra de ijada, meaning "stone of flank."

Key: As in chain of islands and not a key to unlock something, this word comes from the Spanish word cayo.

Potato: From a word in the European version of Spanish, patata.

Ranch: From the Spanish word rancho, meaning "small, rural community."

Savvy: From the Spanish word meaning "to know," sabe.








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