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How to Learn Spanish Free Online

You might not think of the Internet as a huge classroom, but when it comes to learning a new language like Spanish, there are a multitude of resources available online to accomplish that goal. And, best of all, mastering a second language doesn’t have to cost a penny.

While many sites offer Spanish-speaking programs for pay, they also offer portions of their services for free. Other sites offer all of their services for free. A survey of some of the sites offering free resources to learn Spanish produced a wide variety of results.
Available for free on most sites are lessons in pronunciation, grammar and vocabulary. Be sure that your computer can play video and is wired for sound, because most of the sites offering free services allow you to hear the instructor explaining the various lessons and pronouncing the words in Spanish. Hearing the word pronounced in Spanish is a huge part of learning the language.

Some sites design their free offerings to help a speaker learn enough in a quick period of time to be able to function in a Spanish-speaking country. Others attempt to teach Spanish from the ground up, with offerings of basic, intermediate and conversational Spanish.

For example, if you want to learn enough to be able to communicate in a Spanish-speaking country, or even a Spanish-speaking neighborhood, there are sites that teach phrases and questions commonly used in a variety of everyday situations. Learn how to order food in a restaurant, or how to talk to a taxi driver. Learn the basic greetings when you meet someone, or if it’s someone you have or want to have an intimate relationship with – learn some of the words of love in Spanish. These sites also have courses to provide you with phrases and sentences so you can answer the phone, ask about the weather or talk to someone in a hotel where you may be staying.

If that doesn’t suit you, other sites offer more comprehensive lessons to move a student from beginning Spanish to conversational speaking, all with the help of dozens of lessons.

The choice is yours, and be sure to check out sites and test them to see what you like and what you don’t like. But one thing is clear: learning to speak Spanish doesn’t have to cost any money.


Looking to learn Spanish, but don’t want to spend a lot of money? Would you jump at the chance to learn Spanish for a minimal investment? Well, get hopping, because our website is brimming with opportunities for you to learn Spanish free online!

People in the United States are racing to learn Spanish today. Why? More than four hundred million people speak Spanish in the world, making it the fourth most spoken language worldwide, beyond English, Hindustani, and Chinese. With the increase in America’s Hispanic population, it is also beneficial to be bilingual. In fact, more and more employers are beginning to prefer to hire candidates with at least some minimal fluency in conversational Spanish. While some companies bring instructors in to teach these skills in a workshop setting, others require that such learning take place on their employees’ own time. This is what makes the opportunity to learn Spanish free online such an excellent one.

If you are ready to learn Spanish free online, start right here. If you simply want to learn enough of the language to survive your next trip abroad, or converse with the occasional customer, parent, or colleague, then you likely won’t need more than to learn a few choice phrases. However, it is in your best interest to take thorough advantage to learn Spanish free online as extensively as possible, as paid sites can be very expensive.

Taking the opportunity and time to learn Spanish free online can be fun and beneficial. Spanish is one of the easiest languages to learn, so once you have mastered it, you will be well prepared to move on to other Latin based languages such as French and Italian. There is much to gain from learning Spanish, so get to it, and have fun!