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Spanish Verb Conjugation Chart How-To

Prior to the widespread use of the internet, people studying Spanish had to purchase copies of the books "200 Spanish Verbs" or "500 Spanish Verbs" in order to see a spanish verb conjugation chart. Now however, these tools are widely available for free online. This article will explain how to use these essential tools. 

Although there are rules governing the conjugation of verbs, there are, of course, exceptions to the rules, and a spanish verb conjugation chart comes in handy to keep these variances in mind. Some websites will prompt you to type in the infinitive form of the verb, and then they will provide you with the chart for that verb. You can often choose whether or not you would like to view the entire chart or merely portions of it. The infinitive form of the verb in spanish is normally the verb form that ends in -er, -ar, or -ir. Tener, hablar, and escribir are three examples of Spanish infinitive verbs. Their English translations are to have, to speak, and to write.

The charts are divided into several sections. There is one section for each tense of a verb, and within each section, the verbs are listed according to their person. The tense of a verb indicates whether it happens in the present, past, or future. The person indicates how it corresponds to its subject. For instance, first person singular means that the subject is I whereas first person plural indicates that the subject is we. Second person singular is used when the subject is a singular you, and second person plural is a plural you. The corresponding pronouns for the third person singular  are he, she, it, or the formal you while the third person plural's corresponding pronoun is they.

To use the Spanish verb conjugation chart, simply choose the tense and person that you want to use, and then, use that verb form. For instance, if you want to say she will write, the subject "she" is third person singular and the tense is future so the correct verb on the chart is "escribirá."



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