Best Free Online Spanish English Dictionary

One of the wonderful inventions of the world-wide-web is the free online Spanish to English dictionary and the free English to Spanish dictionary. A great part of the world speaks Spanish or English. An online Spanish English dictionary allows a worldwide neighborhood to evolve. How does that benefit us as a person?
Do you have a blog? If you can accurately translate your blog post into another language then your prospect of increasing the readership of your blog is immeasurable. According to several sources there are between four hundred to five hundred million people who speak Spanish as their native language across the globe. More people speak the Spanish language across the globe than the English language. It should be noted that English and Spanish, are the most studied languages in the world according to Wikipedia.
So why aren’t more people providing dual translations on their blogs and business websites?
Each language has dialects and variants that are not easily understood by people who speak the same language. I live in the United States and speak English, but so does a friend who lives in the United Kingdom. When we correspond, she uses phrases or slang that I do not understand. We both have an acquaintance that lives in Australia and speaks English. Some of the expressions he uses are foreign to me and to my friend in the United Kingdom. So, write your blog in your native language and then make a separate, edited version of your other language post and translate with a free online Spanish English dictionary.
Use the simplest form of any word. For instance the salutation in English: “Warm regards,” will not translate correctly in Spanish. The Spanish words for warm do not have anything to do with emotion or regard. The Spanish language does not have a word that “matches” warm in this English usage. It would be better to use “Sincerely”. In conclusion, use the simplest noun, verb, adjective and translate. Then retranslate back to your own language on another translator. Does it still make sense?