How to Convert English to Spanish Easily

Do you face the need to have a Spanish to English interpreter in your communicating with your overseas clients? Many of the fast growing markets in the United States comprise of Spanish speaking consumers. There are millions of central and South American consumers for whom businesses which are able to adapt to their needs have huge potential. It is for these sectors of consumers that English to Spanish transition assumes great significance. Businesses that have been paying attention to convert English to Spanish in their marketing and business deals are today proving successful in the market.

To translate from English to Spanish, translators are needed who should have special qualities. A competent translator should have a sound knowledge of the source language both spoken and written. Besides subject matter, a translator should have a deep insight of the language into which he is translating namely Spanish. He should also be familiar with the correlation between words and idioms in the two languages. Finally, he must be able to decide when to make a literal translation and when to paraphrase the text of the source language.

It is often thought that a bilingual individual having fluency in a second language will be able to do a high quality translation. In reality, it is not so. Different skills are required for a bilingual speaker and a translator.

Bilingual speakers are able to convert their thoughts orally in two languages. Translators on the other hand, should be capable of reading, understanding and retaining the original writer’s thought and then is able to reproduce them accurately and without distortion in the second language.

Due to growing need of English to Spanish translation, computer assisted translation or CAT has been made available through the internet. The CAT includes software for standard dictionary and grammar. With the internet, the translation software can help individuals understand web pages in other languages. These are however of limited utility.

To convert English to Spanish, human translation still remains the most accurate form of translation. Computer based English to Spanish translation serves only up to a point. For authentic translation of Spanish words to English, human translators provide the best solution directly or online.